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The hermit is the number nine,

maybe you could meet him walking on your side,
doomed to keep on wandering ‘round,
he has learned he can’t rely on anyone.
and if his blessing is his curse,
he will never really know,

a tiny lantern is the only thing which lights his way,
he bears in mind that every hello is a good bye.
He refrains from using judgement
To ,one day, expand his conscience,
he knows sorrow is an advance
on future happiness,

so if you really care ‘bout him don’t try to force him to

remain, to stay, no do not dare!
So, can you understand what it means?
Oh man, you are the tower near my temperance

(But near the sun it rather be)

And babe I’m a fool , so fool, and maybe you are too good for me
So please, go away, I got the devil paired with me.

I got the devil paired with me.

Everything will be alright, oh I promise you baby
We got the wheel of fortune beside the eight of wands.

I’m so fool, I’m so fool ,I’m so fool.

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